Welcome to Eclipse Critters!

Hello! Welcome to my blog, Eclipse Critters! My name is Anna and I’m writing to help inform others about the wonderful experience of guinea pig ownership.

My husband Edgar and I currently care for six guinea pigs as well as three ferrets and one (very fuzzy) dog. Our guinea pigs have been the most challenging pets we’ve owned. They’re funny, adorable and definitely all have their own little personalities. It’s also difficult to earn their trust and they have very specific husbandry needs that seem minor but can actually make a huge difference in your pig’s health. Given the work necessary and the information needed, guinea pig ownership can be a very rewarding and worthwhile experience.

My husband and I have made some mistakes along the way and we want to be honest about them. Many of the blogs and message boards we’ve seen have made us feel hopeless in times of desperation or have made us feel unworthy of our pets and deeply guilty when we did make a mistake. We want people to know the facts so they can decide if guinea pigs are right for them and then provide realistic, approachable advice to those who already own pigs. Everyone makes mistakes. No-one knows everything and not everyone knows your individual circumstances. We hope to be able to provide a guide to help you make the best decisions possible given those circumstances.

We love and care for our pets deeply and feel strongly that every pet deserves the very best care possible. We want our pets to do more than just survive in our care, we want them to thrive and be as healthy and happy as they can be. We hope that by by sharing our mistakes and successes, we’re able to help both guinea pigs and their owners.

Keep an eye out for blogs about guinea pig housing, diet, health, behavior and more in the coming weeks. We’ll also do plenty of product reviews and demos, too!

We’re looking forward to beginning our blogging journey and hope that you’ll come along with us! Thank you so much for visiting.


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