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Small Pet Select: Herbal Blends and Toy Sampler Review

Today, I’m going to do a review of Small Pet Select’s Flower Power Berry Boost and Vita-Licious Essentials Herbal Blends as well as the 4-piece toy sampler. We’ll start with the Herbal Blends.

The Herbal Blends are meant to be used as a snack for your guinea pigs. You can sprinkle them around the cage or in their hay to help simulate the natural forage behavior that many pigs miss out on because they have their veggies hand-delivered in a dish by their human slaves. The instructions on the package say to start out slowly by giving your pet a tablespoon separately from their regular food to get them used to it. It took my guinea pigs about 2 days before they really started chowing down. Once they were accustomed to it, they really started to enjoy digging through their hay looking for the bits of herbs I would mix in.

Both the Flower Power Berry Boost and the Vita-Licious Essentials smell delicious and fresh when you open the bag. They smell better than the high-quality teas my husband and I get at the health food store. The Flower Power Berry Boost is labeled as a “Natural Forage Snack” and the Vita-Licious Essentials is labeled as an “Essential Supplement.”


(Flower Power Berry Blend – Beautiful colors, fresh smell, great product).

As a snack, my pigs preferred the Flower Power blend over the Vita-Licious. It’s easy to see why – It’s chock full of clover and calendula flowers, rose hips, lavender, elder flowers, hibiscus flowers and whole hawthorne berries. Taft especially loves the hawthorne berries. He digs through his hay until he finds one and then zips off to his hidey to chow down, popcorning along the way.

While my pigs don’t enjoy the Vita-Licious Essentials quite as much as the Flower Power blend, they still love it. The Vita-Licious Essentials contains calendula, chamomile, dandelion leaf and root, elder flower, flaxseed powder, goldenrod, hawthorn leaf, hibiscus flower, lavender, milk thistle powder, nettle, oat groats, green oat tops, plantain, raspberry leaf, red clover flower, rosehips, rose petals, and strawberry leaf. The Vita-Licious is a blend that I can feed the pigs every day and save the Flower Power blend for a super special healthy treat.

I absolutely love these herbal blends and will continue to feed them to my pigs despite the slightly high price ($8.95 for 2.5 ounces). To me, the price is justified because the ingredients are such high quality. Plus, I’m always looking for ways to provide extra enrichment for my pigs, so I’m glad to have these to help encourage their natural foraging instinct. These get an A++, five out of five stars.

The 4-piece toy sampler was also great. It came with a loofah roll, a rye twist, a meadow ball and a honeysuckle vine ring. I gave the honeysuckle vine to the ladies, the meadow ball to the boys and the rye twist to Bartlet. I cut the loofah roll into 3 pieces so everyone could have a piece.

These toys are super cute and my pigs love them. As soon as I put them in their cages, they sniffed, investigated, and then popcorned all over the place to show their approval. The girls especially love the honeysuckle ring. I was afraid they would have it chewed down to nothing in no time, but it seems to be lasting quite awhile despite seeing my pigs chew on it regularly. The loofah was large enough to split into 3 good-sized pieces that will last all my pigs quite a while. Oliver especially loves nibbling on the loofah, which is good – he doesn’t eat nearly as much hay as the other pigs and doesn’t really chew on his wood toys. I’m glad there’s something in his enclosure that will help wear his teeth down.


(Taft enjoying the meadow ball).

The one negative thing that I should mention about the toy sampler is that I wish it were packaged better. The toys were just loose inside the main mailing envelope and when I opened it, I spilled little pieces of hay all over the floor. It was slightly frustrating to have to pull out the vacuum, but it was minor and I had to vacuum anyway. So maybe it should be a positive because it pushed me over the edge to do a needed chore?

Despite that one little totally minor hiccup, I will be buying these toys again. The value was great at only $12 for all 4 toys. The pigs love them and they’re high-quality, healthy toys that I don’t have to worry about leaving in the enclosure.


(Ginsburg enjoying the honesuckle ring and pretending like I can’t see her).

All in all, I’m super pleased with everything I purchased from Small Pet Select. If you’re interested in buying any of these products or taking a look at their other stuff (I hear their hay is excellent), take a look at their website: I’m sure you’ll be happy with your purchase, too!

Note: I purchased all the items in this review on my own. The company did not solicit or ask for a review. The opinions here are all mine.


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