Anna aka “Pig Mom”

Treat giver and pellet-vacuum-upper extraordinaire, Anna loves her animals and wants to give them the best life possible. She tries to learn all she can about her pets so she can reach that goal and wants to help others do the same.


Edgar aka “Pig Dad”

Edgar approaches any problem with solid logic and is fast to come up with a plan. Don’t assume his logic leaves him without feeling, though; he adores the menagerie and wants the best for them.


Warren aka “Boss Pig”

Warren is the biggest pig in the herd and is proud of his lead-pig status. He’s a kind and benevolent leader, however, and gets along with everyone else in the herd famously.


Bartlet aka “Best Pig”

Along with Warren, Bartlet is one of the piggie originals. He rooms with Warren, as they were adopted as a pair. Bartlet loves cilantro, ear rubs and long laps around the cage.


Ginsburg aka “Notorious RBG”

Ginsburg is the cutest, chubbiest pig the pig parents have ever seen. Her super sweet disposition would make any guinea pig lover agree. She proudly holds the title of “loudest whistler” in the herd.


Sonia aka “Shy Pig”

Sonia is a very shy pig. She’s getting used to eating from her human’s hands but still takes awhile to survey the situation before she decides it’s safe. Rooms with Ginsburg, the only other lady in the herd.


Oliver aka “Tiny Pig”

The tiniest pig in the herd. Usually rooms with Taft, as Oliver doesn’t care what his status in the herd is so he doesn’t mind walking away. In the end, he’s always the more mature pig.


Taft aka “Stinky McStinkface”

Taft wishes he was boss pig and is selective in who he shares a room with. Despite his tremendous stink and slightly surly attitude, he’s really a very sweet pig who loves chin rubs.


Oswald aka “Dog” 

Doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about with these guinea pigs. He can do more tricks than the guinea pigs. He thinks he’s cuter, too. He really, really wants you to agree with him.