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Goodbye, Warren

This month has been difficult. Right before starting this blog, we lost Rowlf, one of our ferrets, to insulinoma. Then shortly after starting the blog, we lost Ben, another ferret to the same disease. Both ferrets were over 7 years old so we knew we didn’t have much time left with them but it was… Continue reading Goodbye, Warren

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How’d You Get All Those Pigs?!: The Herd Story

Our guinea pig story starts in the fall of 2015 when a literal packrat infiltrated our house. I saw it one night absconding across the kitchen floor with a cracker. I remained calm. Dog did not remain calm. Dog barked. And barked some more. When dog wasn’t barking he was sitting in the kitchen staring… Continue reading How’d You Get All Those Pigs?!: The Herd Story